maple flag missions

What does do?

We create combat simulator missions for the Digital Combat Simulator.

How do I install and use these missions?

The Campaigns can be purchased from the Digital Combat Simulator E-Shop.

My SUID has changed, can I get new Mission Keys to match?

Yes until one year after the MapleFlagMissions campaign is available from the ED store. For the A-10C BFT Campaign that is until March 20th, 2017. After that we will only support the DCS E-store versions. Email us the new SUID and we will generate new Mission Keys for you. Requests are monitored and if signs of abuse are detected we reserve the right to disallow future Mission Key generation.

How do I un-install these missions?

Under the Start menu in the folder called MapleFlagMissions you will find an Uninstall program. Just run it for the mission you want to un-install.

What is the difference between free and "Pay to Play" missions?

The free missions have no installer so you can put them into the missions folder as they are downloaded and you can play them for free. The "Pay to Play" missions are painstakingly researched for the ultimate in realism and immersion. They have enhanced functionality like more realistic maps and diagrams, accurate radio calls, more ground and air traffic, and busier, more realistic airport settings. They strive for the highest level of realism and immersive game play. These missions are installed using the DCS Module Manager in-game.

How do I install and play the "Play to Pay" missions?

These missions are installed using the DCS Module Manager in-game.

Can I transfer my purchase if or when your campaigns end up on the ED Store?

Unfortuantely no. You would have to decide to purchase the campaign again if you wanted to use the DCS Module Manager. We will support our mission key distribution method until March 20th, 2017. After that we hope all customers will use the DCS Module Manager for updates.

What about viruses? Can my computer get infected by installing your missions?

No. We use a current, popular Anti-Virus program to scan all files before uploading. We do all the mission creation in house so there is no risk of a 3rd party introducing unwanted content.

What operating systems are your missions written for?

Currently it is Windows based: XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows8 and Windows10. We are highly dependent on the platform chosen by the game developer.

Why the name Maple Flag Missions?

We are Canadian and the Maple Leaf is a symbol of Canada's flag. Maple Flag to represent the Maple Flag exercises held by the RCAF at Cold Lake, Alberta (similar to the USAF's Red Flag exercises). Missions as we specialize in mission design.